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"Creating meaningful connections is my thing – and it can be your thing too. Meaningful connections help unlock purpose, persistence and profit in our lives. When we create meaningful connections, we show up differently. We dream differently. We move differently. We take the limits off and invite unlimited possibilities in. 
I know this because meaningful connections have enriched my life over and over again. Whether it was starting a nonprofit that connects girls and women for life-changing mentorship or traveling to all seven continents across the globe. From chatting with Presidents and First Ladies to hotel ownership – relationships made it happen. Even the hard connections served a purpose. You know what I’m talking about? The disappointments, workplace drama, family trauma and outgrowing people, places and things  – I have found meaning in it all and you can too.
So let’s explore who you are becoming through your connections, or who you’d like to become. I’ll meet you anywhere, from the high school auditorium to the corporate boardroom to connect with you and grow your impact."

- Carrie 

Speaking Engagements

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